Friday, December 19, 2008

Project Server Task Approvals Fail to Render in Page

Nice little bug found using Project Server 2007 when accepting, rejecting or reviewing tasks. When you go the Task Updates page and select all, where there are more than 45 or 50 tasks, and then select accept, reject or review the resulting page returns an error. The error returned is the wonderful "Unexpected error has occurred" and references the web part maintenance page.

In reality, what's happening is that the application is taking all of the UIDs from all the selected tasks and concatenating them with the root URL and then trying to render them in the page. This is a problem because the maximum allowed URL length in Internet Explorer is 2,080 characters. The length of a UID is 36 characters. So, if you do the math on a typical site, you get a number of characters greater than 2,080. What Internet Explorer will do is truncate the new URL to 2,080 and the result is the page mentioned earlier.

Although this is now a know bug and targeted for a SP2 fix, there's no Hotfix that's available to resolve this problem. The only fix that I've been able to come up with is creating a rule that accepts all tasks. The downside is actually works and accepts all tasks. Project Managers will still have to go one task at a time to reject them, but will then have the option to accept all tasks. You can even have custom rules that automatically run from users, project or even tasks

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