Thursday, May 14, 2009

Register A New Project Workspace Template

Note, before you can register a New Project Workspace Template, you will need to create one. Be sure that you crate the new template based of the Project Workspace Site template. Make sure you do not modify any of the lists, libraries of column names or types. You can add additional lists and libraries as well as add custom column types and names to any existing lists, but Project Server will expect certain data to be passed from the site to the server. If you change the default values, you will experience failures during project server synchronization

When you are done creating the template, you will want to save the site as a template and then download the site template (*.STP) to a location on the WFE Server that is hosting your project server.

After you create a project workspace template, you must promote it to global status before Project Server allows it to be used for Project Workspace provisioning.
  1. Log on to any one of the servers in the farm that hosts Project Web Access.
  2. Open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the hive.
  • cd %ProgramFiles%"\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN"
  1. Run the command to add the template to the global list of templates, as shown in the following example. Replace Template Path with the location, MyWorkspaceTemplate.stp with the STP created and title with the new title name
  • stsadm -o addtemplate -filename "
  1. Run the command IISReset. Your new template is now registered for global use within Web applications associated with the SSP that contains the instance of Project Web Access.
  2. To see the list of registered templates, run the command stsadm -o enumtemplates. For the example template, the command outputs the following. 
  • Test Workspace Title - Language: 1033 - Site Template: _GLOBAL_#0 - Template Id: 6215 

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  1. Can you have multiple Project Workspace Templates where users can select the template they want to use when they publish their project?

    Taking this idea further, can a specific Project Workspace Template be automatically selected based on a value in the project?