Thursday, October 15, 2009

Updating Existing Alerts After URL Change

When you change your SharePoint URL it does not automatically update alert subscriptions to reflect the change. For example, changing the URL from to would result in Alerts holding the old URL rather than taking the new. This is because those Alert Subscriptions are holding absolute paths. When you change the SharePoint URL, you will also need to take these additional steps (NOTE: I'm suggesting doing this in the database, so use at your own risk):

Run the following against SQL:
update immedsubscriptions
set siteurl = replace(siteurl,'http://', 'https://')

update schedsubscriptions
set siteurl = replace(siteurl,'http://', 'https://')

Note that you need to update both the immediate subscriptions table and the scheduled subscriptions tables.
To run these you need to connect to your content database in SQL Server Management studio, open a new query window and run the above SQL.

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  1. The Administration toolkit adds an updatealerts command to STSADM that will let you change the URL's without meddling with the database directly