Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Updating Profile Information in SharePoint 2007

Once you have added users to a SharePoint environment, you may have the need to update their information. For example, if a user’s last name changes and they want to modify their email address or user name. Luckily, SharePoint uses ADUIDs to help synchronize information in the system. Since it’s very unlikely that the ADUID will ever change, this is a great model and means you can change information as you need without harming the system. However, let’s say you’ve updated Active Directory and the updates in SharePoint still don’t show up. Here’s how to update that information:

1. As a Farm Administrator, navigate to the Central Administration Page

2. Select the Shared Service Provider used to host the site where the user wants to change information

3. Under the User Profiles and My Sites heading, select User Profiles and Properties

Note: You can check the Import schedule for full and incremental. What causes the issue of Profile information not updating is when there is no full import scheduled. SharePoint will “see” the ADUIDs match and won’t update the information. Schedule a full import to allow this process to be automatic

4. From the User Profiles and Properties screen, select View User Profiles

5. Locate the user which you wish to update. Hover over the user to see the dropdown menu. Select Edit from the dropdown menu.

6. From the Edit User Profile screen you will be able to change all profile information for the user.

When done, click Save and Close

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